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Green to Cleans - costly and take multiple visits

Unless, you and your family are big fans of St. Patrick’s Day there is no reason why your pool should be green! LOL So if you notice your pool displaying even the slightest green tint then you need to contact Passion Pool Care LLC immediately. Our pool maintenance experts have the experience and know-how to determine whether a green pool can be remedied or whether its best to drain and acid wash it. If the former is the case, our team will use the following techniques to assess the issue as well as a number of measures to fix the problem.

Testing the Water

If your pool has gone green, then it is a telltale sign that something is wrong. In determining if your pool water is balanced our team uses industry standard testing kits that can determine the balance of the water in your pool in great detail. We test for chlorine, ph, alkalinity, calcium, and phosphates.

Shocking the Pool

Depending on both the balance of the water and the severity of the greenness, our team of pool maintenance team may need to shock your pool and use algaecide.

Applying a Strong Algaecide

After shocking, our maintenance team will then add a industry leading algaecide that will ensure your pool is not only chlorinated but is also algae-free.

Checking the Pump and Filter

Whether your pool has a DE, sand or cartridge filter, we will be able to apply the necessary backwash techniques needed to ensure the pump and filter are running correctly.

Brushing the Pool

After 24 hours, we expect that the color of your pool will improve and you should see a massive transformation. That being said, it is likely that it will remain cloudy following the shocking and will need additional filtration and brushing. Our team will return after the initial deep clean and complete the process as many times as you want us to until the pool is party ready.

Call Passion Pool Care LLC

If you are looking for professional pool maintenance services then look no further. At Passion Pool Care LLC, we are your one-stop shop for all your pool maintenance needs. Give us a call today and a member of our seasoned staff will gladly answer any questions that you may have in regards to pool cleaning. We are looking forward to serving you.