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Pool Equipment: Pump / Heater /Filter Repairs and Installation

The manner in which you maintain and repair the key pieces of equipment in your pool will determine the length of time you and your family will spend enjoying it. Whether it’s your motor, pump, heater, filter or specialty equipment like ozonators and actuators, it is crucially important that regular checks are done.

Passion Pool Care LLC is a leading pool equipment repair specialist and we provide a reliable repair service to cater to every pool owner’s equipment needs. Our certified team of professional repair experts has years of combined experience as well as the most cutting-edge tools to fix any equipment-related issue. So, whether your pump needs replacing or if is acting up or if your heater isn't heating, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a quote.

Pool Pump Repair, Heater Repair, Motor Repair, Filter Repair & More!

You have endured a cold, dark winter and buckets of spring rain and finally summer is here for you to enjoy. You have set up the barbecue, invited friends and family over and even decided on the playlists that will accompany your first dip of the season. But not so fast—all of this could be put on hold if your pool’s motor, pump or other essential pieces of equipment are not operating at an optimal level. Don’t waste your summer looking longingly at your out-of-order pool—call Passion Pool Care LLC today for a check up of every part of your pool’s equipment before those prime summer months begin.

Our skilled team of certified technicians will perform an advanced check of all pieces of equipment in your pool and will repair or, if necessary, replace any faulty motors, pumps, heaters or filters—ensuring that you don’t miss one pool day of summer sun.

Pool Equipment Upgrades

Advances in pool equipment technology mean that pools are now more complex than ever before. The correct equipment will not only save you time and money, but will also improve the quality of your life. That being said, there are occasions when even the most cutting-edge equipment needs repairs.

When this occurs, our fully certified team of pool repair technicians will provide you with an honest and upfront appraisal of your repair needs and the time it will take to have your pool back to its best.

Call Our Certified Pool Repair Technicians

The one piece of advice that we consistently relay to our customers is to act before the problem occurs, not after. We have worked on countless equipment repair jobs over the years which could have been avoided had the pool owner not waited so long to call us for maintenance. That is why we advise all pool owners, whether commercial or residential, to contact us today for an annual pool equipment maintenance check that will ensure any repairs take place at the earliest possible stage, greatly reducing the disruption to you and your family’s precious pool time.