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Pool Skimmer

Summer Isn’t Summer Without an Inground Pool

Maintenance and Repair

After investing in your new inground pool, you want to ensure that not only your pool lasts but that you can enjoy it when you want to and that's where we can help you.

Our team members know how to balance your pool’s water chemistry such as pH and chlorine levels. They know how to clean it properly, and they know the most efficient way to run your pools filtration system.

Should you require repairs, we’re here for you as well. Pump replacement, filter replacement, heater replacement and plumbing repairs—call Passion Pool Care LLC and we’ll get you back up and running.

Kings of Summer

Our team considers themselves to be THE KINGS OF SUMMER. When you give us a call to help with the inground pool in your back yard, you can join us in that title.

The dedicated Passion Pool Care LLC team members are always on hand to give advice, clean your pool and of course get you swimming as soon as possible. Get in touch today!